About Us

Desi Food Market is the largest Halal supermarket in Orleans, Canada. We are proud to offer a varied range of popular and hard-to-find South Asian, Middle-Eastern, products alongside staple national brands.

The supermarket retail business 15years ago observed and noticed the demand for ethnic products from the very diverse Diaspora of customers over the years and created the idea of Desi Food Market. Desi Food in different dialects from the subcontinent means Home-made food. 

As a country built on immigrants, our store prides itself in catering to all ethnicity and nationalities. Our aisles are devoted to international and mainstream groceries, a custom cutting Halal meat department, fresh dairy, frozen and produce departments everything is designed in a manner to make every generation of customers feel comfortable and happy. We guarantee the freshness of the top-rated lines of Halal meat and produce that are delivered from local farms and growers.

We strive to be the best international store and we pride ourselves on having top quality customer service. We are the one-stop shopping for families of all different backgrounds & ethnicity because we offer products from all over the world.